Saddles & Accessories

Looking for an improved riding experience? Explore our collection of high-quality accessories and saddles for sale. To achieve the best saddle performance possible, multiple components must all be working in unison. At The Trading Stables, we supply all parts you need to ensure ongoing function and comfort. Within our online and in-store collection, you can find clinches, stirrups, jump saddles, dressage saddles, stock saddles and more.

Horse Saddles for Sale – Styles for All Settings

Saddles come in a wide variety of forms and styles. At The Trading Stables, we supply All-Purpose, Dressage, Jumping, Stock, Half Breed & Western variations. This collection caters to professional riders, stock workers, equestrian competitors, stable hands and the casual horse-riding enthusiast. Before you dive in to get your hands on a brand-new horse saddle, it is vital that you purchase the correct type.

From the farm to the racecourse, we supply premium products for a variety of different settings. Our selection comes in a range of different sizes, styles and materials. If you’re unsure exactly which product you require, our management and sales team can steer you in the right direction.

Durable Horse Saddles & Accessories in Australia

Horse saddles are a significant investment of time and money. When you purchase a brand-new saddle of any kind, longevity and durability are essential. Here at The Trading Stables, we exclusively supply products from leading brands and manufacturers that guarantee quality.

Not sure which size, shape or material you need? Our management and in-store staff are here to help. At our large store in Officer, we offer an expert saddling service for horse riders of all ages. Get the exact option you need with The Trading Stables’ large selection of horse saddles for sale.