Dressage Saddles

Tested and custom built for competition, The Trading Stables supply premium dressage saddles for maximum comfort and performance. With saddles from Cavalier, Collegiate, Arena and more, we offer top-of-the-line imports for Australian riders and stable hands.

Professional Dressage Saddles for Sale in Melbourne

During any dressage or equestrian competition, the comfort and performance of your saddle is paramount. First, high-quality dressage saddles ensure the ongoing comfort of the rider. Most importantly however, they prioritise the well-being of the competing horse.

The Trading Stables range is available online and across our large Melbourne store. With years of experience in the equine field, our management and sales team understand exactly what constitutes a quality saddle. To ensure that you receive an exact fit, we can only recommend a suitable option but also provide a custom saddling service with each dressage saddle for sale in-store.


Access Quality Dressage Saddles across Australia

Looking to upgrade your dressage saddle? Our collection features the latest advancement sin technology and comfort, allowing riders and horses to perform each movement in total unison. From our location in Officer, we stock leading Equestrian brands who specialise in saddles and dressage equipment.

The Trading Stables range is not only available to customers in the greater Melbourne area. With a dedicated online store and secure shipping, we provide dressage saddles Australia wide. All saddles and related accessories are sourced from trusted brands, making sure that quality is never compromised. Order now or contact our staff for further information!