Sponsored Riders

The Trading Stables is proud to introduce our first sponsored rider .
Walter Berger and Feldale Griffin 😁
I started my riding career hacking just on trail rides in my late-twenties, so am a late comer to the sport in relative terms. This led to having my own horse and all that came with it. I usually compete in HRCAV and some EA competitions in my chosen discipline of Horse trials, which of course means also dressage and show jumping. My first unicorn was Jarrah, a Standardbred, with whom we got to HRCAV Level 2 in all disciplines and competed successfully in Level 1 dressage. This led to Compadre (Occy to this friends), a three quarter Holsteiner. In the 21 years I have had the privilege to partner with him we were close to Level 1, but his legs decided that he would be retired from competition a few years ago. Unicorn number 3 is Feldale Griffin (Griffin), whom I found after a long search. He is the best horse to work with and always tries his hardest for me and we hope to progress up the Levels. I also have a few other equine related qualifications and run a small boutique Equestrian property in what’s left of my spare time.