Tubbease Hoof Sock Pink 110mm

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If a hoof ailment strikes, the process of soaking and dressing can be stressful for both you and your horse. Tubbease hoof socks are designed to make life easier! The revolutionary boots help enhance the recovery of a range of hoof problems. The polymer-moulded cup and 'breathable' sock allow liquid to enter and treat the hoof, but also drain and dry out, so as not to ‘stew’ the hoof.


  • Treatment aid for variety of common hoof ailments
  • Snug, comfy fit with loop strap
  • Can be worn over horseshoes
  • No need for additional dressing/wrapping
  • To assist in the treatment of abscesses, thrush, seedy toe, thin sole, cracks and fissures
  • Different sizes indicated by colour: pink is 110mm

Instructions: To use, apply ointment if needed, pull sock wide over hoof, check for a snug fit, loop and secure strap, then with the hoof on the ground, pour in any required liquid solutions.

Measurements: 110mm (internal width of Tubbease cup)