Syd Hill Premium Half Breed Changeable Gullet

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NEW from Australia's best known stock saddle company...a half breed saddle designed to fit and perform well.


A specially designed tree with an easy change style gullet system. They come with the standard ‘wide’ plate and the narrow/medium and extra wide plates are available to purchase separately.

 Brown only

Available sizes: 15", 16", 17"

Combining five generations of saddle making craftsmanship with the latest materials and techniques. Featuring a traditional solid Syd Hill tree and comfortable well balanced seat-provides excellent fit and total comfort for horse and rider. Silver model is made with hard wearing full grain  buffalo hide which provides excellent grip and many years of service. Five year guarantee.

 Syd Hill are one of Australia’s best saddle makers and longest established saddle making families. When RM Williams was sewing boots and moleskins, Syd Hill was crafting saddles.

Syd Hill combines five generations of saddle making craftsmanship with the latest materials and techniques.

They remain one of the best saddle makers around today and are truly on of the iconic Australian brand names when it comes to quality saddlery and horse gear.

 The half breed brings together the best of modern balanced riding styles with the comfort of a stock or western style seat.

The half breed is a modern refinement on saddle styles that provides a very comfortable, stable and safe saddle to ride in.

The half breed sits the rider in a 'balanced' seat with the shoulder, hips and ankles in a balanced line. This centred and balanced seat is more comfortable and means the rider is more fully balanced, the ride can use the seat and legs more effectively and adapt to changes in the horse with more precision and feel.

They provide the balance, feel and precision of a dressage saddle, with the comfort of a western saddle seat and the security of stock saddle thigh pads

Many riders nowadays have transitioned to this style of saddle because it improves your comfort, your performance and your security.

Made from high quality leather, the saddle is beautifully crafted and assembled.

Featuring a traditional solid Syd Hill tree, surrounded by quality leather and fitted with comfortable well balanced, well padded seat

The traditional Syd Hill tree provides optimum fit for your horse combined with strength, security  and total comfort for horse and rider.

The saddle comes with a Five year guarantee.