Showmaster Ezy-Groomer Shedding Tool - Large

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Ezy-Groomer is a safe and gentle way of removing old coats and dead hair from horses, ponies, dogs, and cats. It won't damage the coat by breaking hair off - the coarse blade works by removing the dead hair from the ends, avoiding any pulling of the hair. The Ezy Groomer's blade is especially useful for sensitive skinned horses that won't tolerate the large teeth of a standard shedding blade. It can be used as often as you like without damaging the horse's coat. Ezy-Groomer is also very effective at lifting dust and bringing up the natural oils of the horse's coat.
The clever design allows the majority of the hair to fall gently onto the ground rather than flying through the air and landing on your clothes, face and hands. When the blade fills with dirt or hair, simply blow it off or pull it off with one swipe.
Showmaster Ezy-Groomer comes in two sizes with the Large Tool designed for larger areas on horses, and the Small Tool for faces, legs, small ponies and pets.
• Large = 23cm
• Safe & gentle
• Perfect for sensitive skinned horses such as Thoroughbreds
• Won't damage the coat
• Easy clean blade