Arena High Wither All Purpose Brown 43cm/17" EX DEMO

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This saddle has been used as a demonstration saddle so has been girthed up on a horse.. This saddle is a bargain with warranties fully valid.

Arena Saddles offer an economical brand within the umbrella of Bates saddles. Technology, quality and support from a riders perspective whilst protecting your wallet at the same time! Arena All Purpose Saddles have the advantage of the HART SYSTEM which incorporates three saddle fitting techniques. The easy change gullet system the shimming system and Cair panels. Read more below.

Beautifully styled with meticulous attention to detail, you will turn heads in any Arena while being confident that your saddle is comfortable for you and your horse.

Classically crafted from European leather, the discerning rider will appreciate the elegance and quality of Arena Saddles.

Whether you are competing in dressage, tackling a difficult course of jumps or riding on the trail, there is a perfect Arena saddle for you.

Finally, there is a saddle that suits a variety of different horses needs. The Arena All Purpose comes in a standard, high withered or wide version.

Arena High Wither All Purpose Saddle

Finding a beautiful, quality saddle to suit their high withered horse has never been easier. Designed with this special conformation* in mind, riders will feel supported through
exceptional close contact and comfort, whether training in the arena or simply riding the local trails. Fitting the high wither is incredibly hard with a standard saddle , which is why this Arena saddle is so perfect. Many of our off the track thoroughbreds have a high wither and large shoulder and this is were this saddle comes into its own with super adjustability and special shaped tree to fit these special souls.

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