Conrad Zebra Fly Mesh Horse Rug Combo

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Flies will hate this Zebra horse rug!

Did you know, dressing your horse to look like a zebra can deter flies?

Various studies around the world have proven that flies find striped patterns confusing and will steer clear of this overwhelming surface. There really is so much more behind this stylish zebra print rug than simply making a bold fashion statement!

Keep annoying flies off your horse with this scientifically proven insect repelling horse rug.

To ensure the rug stays in place in and around the paddock or stables, you will find a sturdy chest, neck, and leg straps featuring stainless steel hardware for ultimate strength and durability.

The neck and chest area are also lined with a luxurious polyester satin to protect against any irritation.

  • Precisely designed zebra pattern, scientifically proven to repel flies
  • Lined with a polyester satin for extra protection on the neck/mane and chest area
  • Strong, sturdy chest and leg straps feature stainless steel hardware and reinforced stitched straps
  • Leg straps can be removed if you choose to Neck rug features fleece binding for additional coat protection, reinforced straps with heavy-duty plastic fasteners
  • Tail flap provides additional protection Contoured and tapered for a great fit
  • Cool mesh, ideal for hot climates.