Cavallo English Raised Wither Saddle Pad

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• Thicker at the front and gradually tapering to the rear.
• Allows skeletal relief along the gullet and maintains the benefits of weight distribution and improved saddle fit comfort.
• Length: 58 cm (23") Width: 56 cm (22") tapering to 38 cm (15")


Shock Absorbing:

• Saves the backs of both horse and rider
• Promotes blood circulation (the slow release memeory ofthe open cell foam creates a gentle massaging action on the horse's muscle structure)

Improves Saddle Fit:

• Contracts at pressure points, fills gaps
• Enhances the saddle gullet (protecting the spine)
• Cutback allows wither relief
• Allows one saddle to be used on multiple horses
• Compensates for the changing horse's back (different levels of conditioning, natural development over the season, and development over the horse's lifetime)

Thin:  Thin is important!

• 4 different material densities creates a thinner pad with greater shock absorption than a pad twice as thick
• Allows more room for free movement of the scapula (shoulder blade)

Reversible: Effective & Stylish!
• New Zealand wool on one sdie: Closed cell shock absorbing foam on the other
• Use either side against the horse: it's your personal preference!
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