Wintec 500 Stock Swing Fender HART Blk Medium PROTOTYPE

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This saddle is a prototype saddle and may differ slightly to the original design. Saddle comes with full warranty.

The Wintec 500 Stock with Swinging Fender is perfect for scenic and long distance rides, high-speed activities, or starting young horses. Experience greater tactile feel, grip and comfort in this easy-care, leather-look saddle. Don’t sweat about getting caught in the rain, as this weather-proof saddle ensures you can continue onwards no matter the weather - the Swinging Fender model is personal preference, not only does it add a little authenticity, but not having stirrup leathers can be more comfortable for all day riding. 

For your horse, they will enjoy the super-soft panels which mould in and around their muscles, hugging their conformation, so you can ride all day with the peace of mind that they are comfortable too! 

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