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Weaver Roper Air Flex Cinch

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• The AirFlex Cinch offers the ultimate in cinch design!
• With the perfect combination of breathability, comfort and performance, the AirFlex Cinch is constructed from white cool flex foam that will not absorb heat like traditional black neoprene.
• This patented, state-of-the-art performance cinch features a unique airflow channel design that helps prevent heat from being trapped and maximizes air circulation.
• From cutting a cow to trail riding, riders of all types will appreciate this cinch's design.
• Plus, this cinch is easy to clean by simply hosing off after each ride.
• Padded flex edges move with your horse for extra cushioning and enhanced performance.
• Roper design has a unique shape that allows for more range of motion in the shoulder.
• Non-rust stainless steel hardware.