Cavaletti Jump - The Trading Stables
Cavaletti Jump - The Trading Stables

Cavaletti Jump

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These products are made from a food-grade form of polyethylene that also provides greater impact and puncture resistance; combined with ultraviolet radiation stabilisers to provide excellent durability and weather-ability in Australia's sometimes extreme temperature and UV radiation conditions. A wide range of colours are available in these strong, low maintenance Australian products.

For anyone learning the finer points of jumping, brightly coloured cavaletti poles and ends are an absolute necessity. Twenty different jumps may be made - including uprights, spreads and parallels. The ends may be part-filled with water or sand for increased stability, while keeping the centre of mass low

The ends are easy to carry with the conveniently moulded handle - seen in the two green ends in the left hand image above - yet they are quite sturdy on the ground, plus:

They are lightweight at only 5 kg each
The internal cavity provides a water carrying facility
The three standard cavaletti heights (250 mm, 380 mm and 500 mm) are created by placing a pole through the square hole in both stands and rotating the stands to the required height
The maximum jump height is 720 mm
Seven of the available pole mounting positions, jump heights and pole spacings are shown in the images
The ends are perfect for lunging as there is nothing to catch on.

Cavaletti Poles sold Separately.